Zaat-e Erq

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Zaat-e Erq is another lodging of Hossein Ibn Ali’s caravan. Erq is the name of a mount in the road of Mecca; Iraqis entered Mecca from this road. According to some historic sources, when Imam Hossein’s caravan arrived here, they stayed for 1-2 days. Perhaps this place was the first lodging where Imam stopped there. Here Imam met “Beshr Ibn Ghaleb Asadi” who came from Iraq and asked him about Iraqis. Beshr said: “Their (Iraqis) hearts are with you and their swords are with Umayyads”. (although they confirm you but they are afraid to fight against Umayyads). Then Imam said: Yes. You are right, anything will happen based on God’s will.


Farhang-e Ashuraee

Absar al-Eyn

Nfas al-Mahmum


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