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Subject Commentary of the Noble Koran is the name of a Koranic exegesis book compiled in 17 volumes, composed in Persian by the contemporary Iranian commentator Ayatollah Javadi Amoli.


The author
Ayatollah Abdullah   Javadi Amoli, contemporary Iranian   scholar,born in 1933 in Amol- Iran. He entered. Amol seminary in 1946 and continued his studies in this school up to 1950, then he went to Mashad seminary but he left there soon and entered Tehran seminary (Marvi school ), Where he continued his studies for five years.
Then he went to Qom and established “Asra institute of research and publication” in1993.

His masters
1- Ayatollah Tabarsi
2- Ayatollah Khomeini
3- Allameh  Tabatabaee
4- Ayatollah Boroujerdi,etc.


1- Tasnim (Quranic Exegesis)
2- The secrets of prayer
3-subject Exegesis of the Koran,  etc.


The book structure

In the preface of the 1st volumes, the author concerns the great aspect of the Koran.

The subjects mentioned in each volume are as follows:

The 1st volume:

The Koran in the Koran: the truth of the Koran, the miraculous aspect of the Koran, Mission of the Koran, eternity of the Koran and comprehension of the Koran

The 2nd volume:

Monotheism in the Koran: the ways leading to knowing the Koran, monotheism reasoning of the Koran, the stages of monotheism, monotheists in the Koran, etc.

The 3rd volume:

Revelation and Prophecy in the Koran: Necessity of prophecy, and the way leading to knowing prophecy.

The 4th and the 5th volume:

1- Remembering Resurrection, 2- the world and the Hereafter,
3- those  who deny Resurrection 4- necessity of Resurrection
5- death, grave and purgatory 6-martyr and martyrdom,
 7- the indication of Resurrection 8- the name of Resurrection and the events 9- the questions in Resurrection 10- The witnesses in Day of Judgment 11- the letter of deeds (a paper in which human deeds are considered: granted by God)

The 6th and the 7th volume:

1- the common life history of prophets  2-  Adam the Prophets life
 3- Enoch the prophets life  4- Noah the prophets life  5- Hud the prophets life  6- Saleh the prophets life  7-Abraham the prophets life  8-lut the prophets life  9- Isoac the prophets life  10- Jacab the prophets life

The 8th and the 9th volume:

Holy prophet’s life in the Koran

The 10th volume:

Ethical principles in the Koran, the relation between worldview and ethics , the relation between human and ethics , importance of ethics the consequences of ethics.

The 11th volume:

The stages of ethics

The 12th volume:

Temperament in the Koran

The 13th volume:

Epistemology in the Koran

The 14th volume:

Human appearance and nature in the Koran

The 15th volume:

Real life of human in the Koran based on theoretical and practical theosophy, a short review of anthropological views.

The 16th volume:

Guide in the Koran, the origin of Divine guidance, the ways leading human to guidance, etc.

 The 17th volume:

Society in the Koran, Islam as the religion of life, Islam in modern world, structure of human societies, etc.


The book was published in 1984.


Subject Commentary of the Koran


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