Aal-e Mahlab

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Ibn Abi Bakreh Ubaydullah Ibn Nafi’ Thaqafi was a son of judge of Basra, there is not any information about the first years of Ubaydullah’s life. His family was famous in Basra. He was the judge of Basra for a short time and also the Governor General of Sistan. In 673 he was dismissed from the government of Sistan. Then Abdul Malek Ibn Marwan dismissed Umayyat Ibn Abdullah from government of Khorasan and appointed Hajjaj instead. Mahlab was appointed the Governor General of Khorasan by Hajjaj, but he suggested Ubaydullah for ruling over ####Sistan; because he believed that Ubaydullah was much more knowledgeable than him. Therefore Hajjaj appointed Mahlab as the ruler of Khorasan and Ubaydullah as the ruler of Sistan. Ubaydullah died in 698 in Sistan. In “Sistan History” it is written he died of earache. Ubaydullah was a Blackman, his most significant characteristic was generosity. His name is in the list of the 10 generous Arab men and also among the 5 generous Basri men.


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