Abd al-Qeys

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The tribe Abd al-Qeys was one of the old Arab tribes in Tahama (in Arabia). Abd al-Qeys means, the son of Qeys, which had been one of the idols in time of Jahiliyat (the period of paganism before the advert of Islam in Arabia). The tribe first was resident in Tahama, but then emigrated to Bahrain and Sahel-e Qatif (Qatif Coast). In 630 Abd al-Qeys embraced Islam.

After Islam
The tribe emigrated to Kufa. They were Shias and pledged#### allegiance to Ali “P.B.U.H” and took part in Jamal Battle and also Siffin (in 651m between Mu’awiya and Imam Ali). The Imam appointed “Sa’sa’at Ibn Sowhan” as the commander of Abd al-Qeys’s army. Many mosques were built by Abd al-Qeys in Islamic countries.

Some chiefs of Abd al-Qeys
There were many Shia scholars, poets and traditionists:
1- Umayyat Ibn Ali Qeysi, who was a traditionist and also a companion of Imam Sadeq
2- Ahmad Ibn Helal (traditionist)
3- Mohsen Ibn Ahmad Qeysi who was a traditionist and Imam Reza’s companion


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