Al-e Abi Rafe’

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Al-e Abi Rafe’ is one of the greatest Shia family of those first groups who embraced Islam. The chief and founder of this family was Abu Rafe’, the Prophet’s companion. Abu Rafe’ first was the slave of Abbas (the Prophet’s paternal uncle), then he was given to the Prophet, but later was freed. He was one closest companions of the Prophet, he took part in all the battles. “Any Prophet has a trustee, mine is Abu Arafe’ “ the Holy Prophet said. Other members of this great family: Ubaydullah and his four sons: Muhammad, Awn, Abdullah and Fazl and also#### his brother (Ubaydullah’s brother) Ali Ibn Abi Rafe’ and his descendants: Abu Abd al-Rahman Ibn Muhammad and Abdullah Ibn Ali. After the death of the Prophet, Abu Rafe’ was in company with Imam Ali “p.b.u.h”, when Ali was succeeded to the caliphate, Mu’awiya in Syria and Talha and Zubayr in Basra opposed the Imam. Abu Rafe’ said that the Prophet had informed him of this event before. According to the Prophet, Ali is right and his opponents are wrong. At the age of 85, Abu Rafe’ emigrated to Kufa – Iraq with Ali. In Kufa, he was the treasures of public founds by Imam Ali; and his two sons: Ubaydullah and Ali were the secretaries of Imam. Abu Rafe’ wrote and collected many Prophetic Hadiths. It seems in the Islamic history, he was the first person who wrote juridical book. The book “The traditions, Rules and Judges” was written by him. It contains, prayer, fasting, hajj and alms (Zakat). Also his two sons, were the companions of Ali and fought in any battles to support the Imam. Ubaydullah wrote a book on Imam Ali’s judgment, (maybe it is the first book on this subject) and his brother Ali Ibn Rafe’ was one of the closest companions of Imam Ali and participated in all the battles. He was taught jurisprudence in the presence of the Imam. He wrote a book on “Jurisprudence”. He knew many Hadiths from the Holy Prophet.


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