Bani Zohreh

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Bani Zohreh was the name of Twelwer Shia group which many of them were great scholars, politics and authors. They are descended from “Zohreh Ibn Ali Ibn Is’haq Ibn Jafar al-Sadeq”, so they were also known as Is’haqi. Is’haq, known as Mo’tamen was a great traditionist. The second ancestor of this family was “Abu Ibrahim Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Harrani Hijazi” who was a scholar and poet. It is said that, he was the first person who spread Shi’ism in Aleppo, where the people all were Hanafis (one of the four branches of Sunni). The following#### are some of their celebrated scholars and men of letters:

1- Izz al-Din Abul Makarem Hamzeh Halabi, known as “Ibn Zohreh” and “Seyyed Ibn Zohreh” (1117 – 11189) was a great jurisconsult, theologian and grammarian. Ibn Zohreh was the most famous person of this family. He started learning under his father. Besides having a high scientific position, he was also the leader of Shias in Aleppo. Nearly twenty books and treatises are attributed to him. His works cover wide range of topics which shows his wide knowledge.
2- Jamal al-Din Abdullah Halabi (1137 – 1184) was a Shia theologian and jurisconsult. There are left some works of him on jurisprudence and theology.
3- Abu Ali Hasan Ibn Zohreh Hoseini (d. 1223) was the leader of Shias in Aleppo. Abu Ali was a jurisconsult and well-versed in the Quranic sciences, and also a famous politician.
4- Muhyi al-Din Abu Hamed Muhammad Hoseini (1169 – 1239) was a jurisconsult and traditionist. The great significant Shia scholars: Ali Ibn Musa Tawus, Muhaqeq Helli and Yahya Helli studied in his presence. The book “The Forty Hadiths” (Chehel Hadith) was written by him.


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