Epistemology in Quran

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This book is one of the Ayatollah Abdullah Javadi Amoli’s works and writings. It is the result of author’s teaching in school year of 1988A.D.(1367S.H.) that just now has been at the readers disposal by the name of Epistemology in Quran. The subject of this book is about the knowing of stages, tool, ways and its “basis”(root) that the author briefly and clearly has stated it for the individuals who interested to this subject.

The biography of Ayatollah Abdullah Javadi Amoli
####Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi Amoli was born in Amol Township in 1933A.D. (1312S.H.). His father and ancestor were islam preachers and held the Household in high esteem. Ayatollah Javadi Amoli after finishing the elementary school, entered Amol’s theological school in 1946A.D. (1325) and until 1950 A.D. (1329) had studied there. After that, he went to Mashhad’s theological school but because its “seminarians” (theological students) did not show any reverence for Mashhad’s great scholars, he left there and entered Tehran’s theological school. After entering to Marvi’s school, studied “Rasa-el” and “Makaseb”, then learned “kefayat Al-usul”, “rational and transmitted sciences” (ulume aghli and naghli) and after 5 years he left for Qom’s theological school and has been there up to now. One of his cultural services is “the establishment of “Esra” publishers and research Institution in 1993A.D. (1372). He was present in constituent assembly(majlese khobregan) of constitutional law and in the first and second period of constituent assembly of leadership. He also has been one of the teachers community members of Qom’s theological school and now he is in charge of prayer leader on Fridays of sacred township of "Qom".

His masters and friends: Ayatollah AzizollahTabaresi, Mirza Mahdi Mohi Al-din Elahi Ghomshei, Ayatollah Burujerdi, Imam Khomeni and Allameh Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Tabatabai, etc. He has many works such as: Tasnim, The commentary of Noble Quran, thematic commentary of Noble Quran, Rahighe Makhtom, Asrar Al-Salat, Sahbaye Hajj, Vilayat-e faqih, etc.

The book structure:
This book consists of detailed preface and 16 chapters as follows:
- preface consists of following subjects:
the position of epistemology- logic, philosophy and epistemology- the epistemology injunctions, the authorities opinions about epistemology, etc.
1- chapter one: elements and “foundations”(mabäni) of knowledge
2- chapter two: discussing the knowledge issue, in the Noble Quran verses
3- chapter three: discussing the knowledge agnostics’ claims, in the Noble Quran verses
4- chapter four: existence of error and the ways of recognizing the mistake
5- chapter five: rational knowledge and logical rate
6- chapter six: being the one of “reason” with “claim”, the accepted principles and hypothetical knowledges
7- chapter seven: the stability of certain theorems and scientific movements
8- chapter eight: “intuitive”(shohoud) knowledge and “conceptual science”(dänesh mafhoomi).
9- chapter nine: science and faith
10- chapter ten: knowledge references
11- chapter eleven: knowledge tools
12- chapter twelve: knowledge ways
13- chapter thirteen: knowledge stages
14- chapter fourteen: knowledge root
15- chapter fifteen: conditions of knowledge obstacles
16- chapter sixteen: knowledge criterion
This book has been printed and published by Islamic publishers in Qom in 1991 A.D. (1370S.H.).


epistemology in Quran by Javadi Amoli


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