The preliminaries of comprehension of the Koran

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This book is a work of the contemporary commentator “Ayallah Javadi Amoli” concerning some commentary lessons of the author with the summary of his another commentary work “Tasnim”
The book leads reader to better comprehend the Koran. I f  necessary.  The   author refers us to the book “ Tasnim” or the prominent  work “The Koran in Islam”, written by the  outstanding scholar “Allameh Tabatabaee”.  

The author
Ayatollah Abdullah   Javadi Amoli, contemporary Iranian   scholar,
born in 19333 in Amol- Iran. He entered. Amol seminary in 1946 and continued his studies in this school up to 1950, then he went to Mashad seminary but he left there soon and entered Tehran seminary
(Marvi school ),
Where he continued his studies for five years.
Then he went to Qom and established “Asra institute of research and publication” in1993

His masters
1- Ayatollah Tabarsi
2- Ayatollah Khomeini
3- Allameh  Tabatabaee
4- Ayatollah Boroujerdi,etc.


1- Tasnim (Quranic Exegesis)
2- The secrets of prayer
3-subject Exegesis of the Koran,  etc.



The book structure

The 1st chapter:
The characteristics of the Koran. Gaining the benefit of the Koran, Tradition and the Holy family of the Prophet , explanation  and interpretation of some of the koranic meaning on koranic commentaries

The 2nd chapter:
 The methods of explaining the koranic learning.
The difference between the Koran and scientific books,  The  possibility and  the necessity of commentating  the Koran. The sources   of commentating the Koran Different kinds of koranic exegeses, commentating the Koran by the Koran , etc.

The book was published in 2006 in Tehran – Iran.


The preliminaries of comprehension of the Koran


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