Proof of Imamate

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The prominent book “Proof of   Imamate” is the third volume of the book” Life of hearts” (Hayat al- Qolub) written by the pre-eminent scholar “ Allameh Majlesi ” intending the  innocence  of Imam,  his distinctive characteristics ( except prophetic aspect ), and also the koranic verses revealed on the dignity of Imam.


The author

Allameh Muhammad Baqer Majlesi, born into an educated family, was the most cwlebrated Twelver Shia scholar and traditionist in the middle of the second half of the17th and the first ten years of the 18th century in Isfahan.

Allameh was the 3rd son of “Allameh Muhammad Taqi Majlesi” who was one of the most prominent Shia schoalr.
Allameh Majlesi studied most of the religious sciences in the presence of his father.
There are different ideas about the number of his books; some sources indicate that there are left 70 Arabic and Persian books altogether. The book “Reyhant al-Adab” indicate: 77 books.
The book “al-Zari’e” shows 169 books of Allameh Majlesi.

His Persian books:

1-    Hayat al-Qolub (Life of hearts), 3 volumes, one of his most important books. The 1st volume on history of propherts, the 2nd on life of the Holy Prophet and the 3rd on life of the Imams and history of caliphs.

2-    Eyn al-Hayat (spring of life)
3-    Meshkat al-Anwar (Lamp of lights)
4-     Jala al-Oyun (Polishing eyes) on life of the Imams
5-    Zaad al-M’aad (The book is on prayers)
6-    Spring of weeks
7-    Tuhfat al-Zaer (present of pilgrim)
8-    Ekhtiyarat al-Ayyam (Options od days)
Arabic books:
Behar al-Anwar (Seas of lights) the most famous work of Allaemh Majlesi in 25 volumes:

1-     The 1st volume: on ignorance and wisdom
2-    The 2nd volume: on book of monotheism
3-     The 3rd volume: on justice, divine decree and will of God
4-     The 4th volume: on argumentation of Imams
5-     The 5th volume: on biography of prophets
6-     The 6th volume: on the biography of the Holy Prophet
7-     The 7th volume: on common features of the Imams
8-     The 8th volume: on tribulation and insurrection
9-     The 9th volume: on life of Imam Ali “the 1st Imam of Shias”
Allameh Majlesi died in 1699 in Isfahan.


The book structure


The book includes 2 chapters:

1- On necessity of existence of Imam in each period, on necessity of obeying Imam, Imam is innocent of any sin, human is guided by Imam, Imam is considered as a messenger of God. (This chapter includes 9 sections)

2- The koranic verses revealed on the dignity of Imam (includes 43 sections)


Proof of Imamate


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