Proving the Creator (from Materialism to idealism)

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The present book is a work of the great scholar “Ayatollah Muhammad Taqi Amoli”

It is written in 1947 by the request of a group of the authors friends.

The author

Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Amoli, born in 1887, in Tehran, was a prominent scholar and jurisconsult and also a great teacher.

When he went to school, after learning Frasi, started learning Arabic literature which was one of the most important sciences of his own time, then studied jurisprudence and methodology (Osul) under great scholars.

In 1920, he travelled to Najaf and continued in the presence of great masters. He was the significant student of "Mirza Ali Qazi" (Great scholar). Then he returned to Tehran and started teaching and writing some great books, many great jurisconsults studied in the presence of him.

Muhammad Taqi Amoli died in 1960 in Tehran.



The book structure


The book includes 2 sections which each includes some reasoning’s:
the 1stsection:

The 1st section:

Proving the Creator (including 12 reasoning’s)

1- The theory of the creation of the universe by atomic substances

2- The theory confirming there is no other universe
(rejecting the Hereafter)

3- There is not the world of angels, djinns, the non –material bodies, etc.

4. The theory on the ancient aspect of atom and the movement

5. The role atom in forming the universe

6. The formation of atomic particles around nucleus

7. Atomic particles and the lack time place

8. Atomic substances need cause

9. Atomic substances’ have something like spirit, etc.

The 2nd section:

The reasons stating the Necessity- Being and there is a solitary Necessity –Being

1- Creature indicate the existence of Creator

2- The   Necessity –Being is the single Essence

3- The reasons providing that God is Unique


Proving the Creator (from Materialism to idealism)


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