The Biographies of the Shia Imams

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This book is one of the works of Allameh Muhammad Baqer Majlisi, which is written in Persian. The Imams’ birth, life, death and the number of wives, children and the events in their life all have been written in brief.

The author
Allameh Muhammad Baqer Majlisi was an authoritative jurist, a most prolific collector of traditions (Hadiths), and an unprecedentedly influential author of the Twelver Shia (1627 – 1698). Under the Safavid Shah Hossein I, he was ####practically the actual ruler of Iran. His father Muhammad Taqi Majlisi was a famous scholar as well. Allameh Majlisi studied under his father and other great masters: Mullah Muhammad Saleh Mazandarani, Mirza Rafu’ al-Din Tabatabaee, Mullah Hossein Ali Shushtari, Sheikh Abdullah Aameli, Mullah Mohsen Feyz Kashani and Seyyed Mirza Jazayeri.

His students:
Mir Muhammad Khatun Abaadi, Seyyed Ne’mat Allah Jazayeri, Mullah Muhammad Majlisi (hi scousin), Mir Muhammad Hossein Khatun Abaadi and Haj Muhammad Ardebili.

Structure of the book
The book consists of 14 chapters (the life of the twelve Shia Imams and the Prophet and his daughter):
1- On the Prophet’s biography
2- On Fatima’s (the Prophet’s daughter) biography
3- On Imam Ali’s biography
4- On Imam Hasan’s biography
5- On Imam Hossein’s biography
6- On Imam Sajjad’s biography
7- On Imam Baqer’s biography
8- On Imam Sadeq’s biography
9- On Imam Kazem’s biography
10- On Imam Reza’s biography
11- On Imam Javad’s biography
12- On Imam Muhammad Naqi’s biography
13- On Imam Hasan Askari’s biography
14- On Imam Zaman’s (Mahdi) biography, the people who have met him and the signs of Imam’s advent


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