Reyhanat al-Adab

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Reyhanat al-Adab is a biographical book on the biographies of Muslim scholars, jurists, theosophists, physicians, philosophers, men of letters; in Persian and written simply and fluently.

The author
Agha Mirza Muhammad Ali Tabrizi Khiyabani, known as “Modarres –e Tabrizi” (1879- 1955) in Tabriz-Iran. He studied Arabic literature, religious sciences and mathematics in Tabriz. He passed the intellectual sciences ####in the presence of Mirza Ali Lankarani who was one of the students of the outstanding philosopher Abul Hasan Jelweh, then continued his studies under great jurist Mirza Abul Hasan Mujtahed, and Mirza Sadeq Mujtahed Tabrizi. Tabrizi Khiyabani was fully versed in jurisprudence, Persian literature, Hadith, philosophy, theology, astronomy and philology.

Structure of the book:
The book consists of the biographies of over 5000 great scholars, in alphabetic order. It includes five chapters; in the first chapter there are the famous scholars by their titles, the other chapters include the scholars who there are prefixes such as: Abu (father), Ibn (son), Umm (mother) and Bent (daughter) in their names.


Reyhanat al-Adab (the volumes: 1, 2, 5, 6)

Contemporary scholars


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