The Fortune

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The Fortune (Iqbal) is the name of an Arabic written by “Seyyed al-Taefa Razi al-Din Ali Helli”, known as “Seyyed Ibn Tawus” (1193 – 1266) outstanding Shia scholar and traditionist. He wrote a great encyclopedia in several volumes which there is a special name for each volume. The Fortune is the name of the 8th and 9th volumes in which there are the actions of the eleven Arabic months that should be done by Muslims. It was written in 1252 in Abbasid era. It has been one of the greatest prayer books for Shias. The Fortune has been translated into ####Persian by “Seyyed Mir Abd al-Baqi Khatun Abaadi” and “Mullah Saleh Baraqani”. It was also translated in Safavid era, once by Muhammad Taqi Majlisi (d.1659) and the other time after the death of Shah Abbas, by the order of his daughter, translated by one of the scholars of that time.


al-Keram al-Barara

Shia encyclopedia


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