Administering justice and rejecting wrong

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The book “Administering justice and rejecting wrong”  ( Ihqaq alHaq va Izhaq al- Batel) is an Arabic  work  written by the celebrated shiite scholar “ Nour Allah Shushtari” intending the challenges among Shiite and sunnis on three fundamental issues : science of discourse (kalam) , the principles of jurisprudence and Imamate . This is a great and work comprehensive work composed on rejecting the views of   sunni scholars.

Especially those expressed on Imamate, which led  the  author to martyrdom.

The author

Seyyed Nur Allha Hosseini Shushtari, known as “Judge Nur Allah Shushtari” and “The third martyr”,  great scholar, jurisconsult, theologian, traditionist and poet, in th ereign of Safawid dynasty (the dynasty which ruled Iran from 1501 – 1786). He was born in 1557 into an educated family in Shushtar – Iran.

He studied primary sciences intellectual and tranmitted sciences in the presence of his father. He also studied under “Mir Safi al-Din Muhammad” and “Mir Jalal al-Din Muhammad”.
At the age of 23, travelled to Mashhad to continue his studies.
His most famous master in Mashhad was “Abdul Wahed Ibn Ali”.
Shushtari was profoundly expert at Hadith, intellectual and transmitted sciences, mathematics, Arabic literature, rhetoric and prosody. Then he went to India and was chosen as a judge of Lahore by Akbar shah (king of India).

The following are some of his works:

1-    Hardships of appointing
2-    The scenes of believers
3-    Adminstarting justice and cancelling the false
4-    The cloud of rain
5-    Seven planets
6-    The chaste matter ,etc.
He had also some works on Quranic exegesis and Quranic sciences on thology and nullyfying Sunni sect an dtwo important books on jurisprudence and methodology.

Seyyed Nur Allah Shushtari was killed by Sunnis in 1611.


The book structure

The book is compiled in 16 volumes, concerning   the challenges among Shiite and sunni scholars on Ash arite views about God, prophecy, Imamate Madith , exegesis of the koran and
jurisprudence. Ash arite ( Ashariya, is the school of  orthodox theology founded by al- Ash ari).

The major part of the book includes the section “Imamate” especially the Imamate of “Imam Ali” (p.b.u.h).

Many explanations and annotations lave been written on this work by the great scholars such as: “sheikh Mofid  shirazi” “Mllah Hadi”
and “ sayyed Alaa al Dawleh”(  the authors son – in – low)

The book is translated into Persian and Urdu.   


Administering justice and rejecting wrong


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