Shia and the principles

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The present book is a work on science of discourse ( kalam)  concerning the advent of the principles  and secondary principles of shia. “shia and
 the principles” ( Asl  al- shia  va osouleha) is  written by the pre-eminent scholar” Muhammad Hossein Kashef  al-Qata”.
In this book, the author responds to misgivings expressed about shia.

The author
Sheikh Muhammad  Hossein Aal Kashef   al-Qata, pre-eminent scholar. Historian, jurisconsult   , traditionist and poet (1874- 1953) born in Najaf   Iraq.  He studied  the preliminaries  , mathematics , geometry , arithmetic and astronomy in the  presence of celebrated great  scholars: Ayatollah sayyed  kazem  Yazdi,  Akhund  khorasani, and Mirza  Hasan Nouri . Kashef   al- Qata was a religious authority and many people throughout India, Iraq, Afqanistan, and Iran followed him. Besides being the religious leader, he also fought against imperialism in Islamic countries:  kashef al-Qata travelled to Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Pakistan and Hijaz, in order to perform his mission.
In1932 in on Islamic congress he delivered a lecture on prophetic Mission
(Besat) in Jerusalem.

The book structure
The book includes a long preface and the following sections:
1- The historical source  of shia ( according  to the  author , shia  was formed from the time of the Holy Prophet  kashef  al- Qata  proves his claim by presenting the koranic reasons and also Islamic  traditions.
2- The principles of religion (Islam) from Shiite viewpoint
 (the principles:  monotheism, justice, Prophecy, Imamate and Resurrection)
3- Shiite views on the religious subjects as:  prayer, fast, haj, alms, judgement, etc.
“shia and the principles”  was published in 1932. It is also translated into Persian and is published in 1938.



Shia and the principles


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