The Holy Personages

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The book “The Holy Personages” (Alaam al- weri) is a work composed on the science of discourse and the life of the prophet and the
 Holy Imams, written in Arabic, by the pre- eminent Shiite commentator and scholar “Abu Ali Fazl Tabarsi”

The author intends the virtues, miracles and events in life of the prophet and the Holy Imams, by concerning the Hadiths and also the koranic verses. Misgivings about the12th Shiite Imam (Imam Mahdi)  is also considered and responded.

The author


Sheikh Abu Ali Fazl Ibn Hasan Tabarsi, prominent shiite commentator, jurisconsult and traditionist (1077-1152) in Sanabad (town in Mashhad – Iran). He is known as “Amin al- Dawla”. Tabarsi lived for 25 years in “sabzewar” (town in Mashhad – Iran) and during this period of time, he trained students, continued his studies and wrote his great books.

Tabarsi was always respected and supported by “ ziyarids” ( dynsty of vassals of the samanids , founded by Mardawij Ibn ziyar . they reigned over Tabaristan and Gurgan from 927- 1090).

Tabarsi recited the Islamic traditions ( Hadith) from the outstanding scholars “Abu Ali”  as  “ Mofid-e sani” ( son of  great scholar “ Sheikh Tousi" , and also   “sheikj Abdul Jabbar Rezi” ) prominent shia juris consult in Rey) . The book sahifat “al- Reza” is was of the works which has been recited. 

Tabarsi was highly proficient in the sciences as: morphology and syntax mathematics, poetry, commentary, jurisprudence, and literature.

He composed over 20 books.


The book structure


The book includes the following sections:

1- The manners of the Holt prophet and his daughter “Fatima”
( including6 chapters)

2- on the life of Imam Ali (including 5 chapters)

3- on the Imams (from the 2nd Imam to the 11th Shiite Imam, including 10 chapters)

4- on the Imamate of the Holy Imams and Imam Mahdi
(including3 chapters)

- The reasons indicating Imamate of the 12 Shiite Imams

- The misgivings about life of Imam Mahdi

- Presenting intellectual and transmitted reasons ( with the help of the koran and Hadith) on the birth Imamate and occultation of Imam Mahdi

The book once was published in 1891 in Tehran and was republished in 1972 in Beyrout. 



The Holy Personages


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