Bani Abd al-Daar

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Bani Abd al-Daar, is the name of a great tribe from Quraysh. They were the descendants of “Abdullah Ibn Qasi Ibn Kalab”, known as Abd al-Daar. He had five sons: Wahab, Kaldeh, Sabaq, Othman and Abd-e Manaf. Bani Sabaq were resident in Mecca and Hejaz, after conquering Andalusia by Muslims, some persons of Bani Abd-e Manaf emigrated to this country. Most of Bani Otman also lived in Mecca, they were chamberlains of Kaaba, there was a group out of this tribe, called Bani ####Jabir who were resident in Basra.

Bani Abd al-Daar’s authorities
In time of Jahiliya (Arabic term which refers to the state of affairs in Arabia before the mission of the Prophet. In general it has connotation of ignorance and paganism), after the death of Khalil Khozaee- great chief of Mecca-, Qasi Ibn Kalab was succeed to him. Qasi improved the political and religious situations in Mecca. He had the authorities as: chamberlain of Kaaba, feeding and giving water to the pilgrims of Kaaba and the commander of the battles. After the death of Qasi, Abd-e Manaf became the chief of Mecca. Bani Abd al-Daar had a special position amiong Quraysh tribes and also other Arab tribes. After the advent of Islam, they remained as the chamberlain of Kaaba and many people of this tribe became famous scholars, and over ten of them were the companions of the Prophet. By the advent of Islam, Bani Abd al-Daar was divided into two groups: Muslims and the enemies of Islam. In the first years of Islam, some of them embraced this religion and emigrated to Abyssinia and later took part in the battles of the Prophet to defend hi, whose the most famous was Mus’ab Ibn Umayr, but most of this tribe were against the Prophet, whose the most obstinate was Nazr Ibn Hareth.


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