Islam and the Environment

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This book is a collection of the sermons on the environment, preached by Ayatollah Javadi Amoli. The book keeps a divine and Islamic outlook on the environment.

The author
Ayatollah Abdullah Javadi Amoli is a contemporary Iranian scholar, born in 1934 in Amol- Iran, into a religious and scholarly family. After finishing the primary school in 1947, entered Amol Seminary and studied up to 1951 then went ####to Tehran Seminary and studied intellectual and transmitted sciences in Marvi Madrasa, finally went to Qom and continued in Qom Seminary. The following works have been written by him:
1- Tasnim
2- The Quranic Commentary
3- Subject commentary of the Quran
4- The Secrets of Prayer
5- The Rule of Jurisprudent

Structure of the book:
The boo is arranged in five sections; first talks about beauty and aesthetics and then the following subjects:
1- Developing and establishing the utopia by human
2- The environment from the viewpoint of humanities and religion
3- The relation between good deeds and natural disasters
4- The effect of effort on the nature’s health
5- The effect of good association on the nature’s health

It was published in 2008 in Qom – Iran


Islam and the Environment (Ayatollah Javadi Amoli)


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