Attack on the Revelation’s House

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This book is one of the works of Ayatollah Sobhani, on the attack on Fatima’s (the Prophet’s daughter) house.

The author
Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani was born in 1930 in Tabriz – Iran, into a religious and educated family. He studied in Tabriz Seminary called “Talebiyeh”. The following were his master:
- Ayatollah Khomeini
- Sheikh Hasan Nahvi
####- Mirza Muhammad Ali Modarres Khiyabani
- Allameh Tabatabaee

Ayatollah Sobhani is one of the masters in Islamic Dar al-Tabliq in Qom, also the founder of Islamic Kalam (Theological) Studies Center (Imam Sadeq Institution) and a significant master in Qom Seminary.

Structure of the book
- The preface
- The Islamic society after the Prophet’s death
- The sanctity of Fatima’s house according to the Quran
- Attack on Fatima’s house

The 1st section: the following are those who have narrated the decision of the two caliphs (Abu Bakr and Umar) on attacking Fatima’s house:
1- Balazuri
2- Ibn Qutaybeh
3- Tabari
4- Ibn Abdul Berr
5- Abi al –Fida
6- Nuwayri
7- Siyuti
8- Dehlawi
9- Muhammad Hafez Ibrahim
10- Umar Reza Kahaleh
11- Mutaqqi Hendi

The 2nd section: those who have admitted the attack:
1- Abu Ubayd
2- Muhammad Ibn Sa’d
3- Nizam
4- Juwayni
5- Ibn Abi Darem
6- Ibn Asaaker
7- Ibn Abi al-Hadid
8- Shams al-Din Zahabi
9- Ibn Hajar Asqalani
10- Mutaqqi Hendi
11- Ali Ibn Abi Bakr Heythami
12- Abdul Fattah Abdul Maqsud

It was published in 2004.


Attack on the Revelation’s House


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