The Drops from sciences’ sea and the beads from necklace (Qatarät Man Yaräh Bahr Al-Olum (Shazarät Man Aqdehä Al-Manzum)

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One of the great Allame Äkhund Khurasani’s works and writings is the book of “The Drops from sciences’ sea…..“ (Qatarät Man Yaräh …….) Which has been written in Arabic and with juridical subject. Due to the Akhund Khuräsäni considered as one of the great “Osulin”, his books in this regard are very valuable.

The author’s brief biography:
Molla Mohammad Kazem Akhund Khurasani, the jurist, the shi’a “source of imitate” (marja’-e Taqlid), political leader ####of “Constitution” (mashrotiyat) and the son of Mullah Hussein was born in 1839A.D. (1255A.H.) in Mashhad in ordinary family. He immigrated to Tehran and for a short time studied philosophy. Then went to Najaf and for about 2 years studied in the presence of Sheikh Ansari, but has more studied in the presence of Mirza Shirazi. In the1874A.D. (1291A.H ) Mirza Shirazi chose the Samaria as his dwelling place, but Akhund Khurasani did not leave the Najaf and independently he himself organized the classroom. He is one of the very successful teachers which about 1200 students have studied in the presence of him and about 200 of them were “Mojtahd” (a law expert). The recent jurist such as the Late Äqä Seyyed Abul Hassan Isfahani, the Late Haj Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Isfahani, The Late Haj Aqa Hussein Broujerdi, The Late Haj Aqa Hussein Qomi and the Late Aqa Ziya Al-Din Araqi all were his students. Akhund Khorasani is more famous in the field of “principles of jurisprudence” (elme ususl). His “sufficiency” (kefäyat Al-Usul) book is an important text book and has been written many glosses on it. The viewpoints of “Osuli” (means principles of jurisprudence) by Akhund Khurasani are always cited in seminaries and are considered. Akhund Khurasani is the one who issued a “Fatwa” (religious decree) to the necessity of Constitution. The Iran’s Constitution is indebted to him. In Najaf he became determined as Mirza Shirazi’s successor and the most great “Marja Taqlid” (the source of imitate) of shi’a world. He suddenly died in Najaf in 1921A.D. (1329A.H.). His death did not consider as a natural death and it is probable that the England agents have poisoned him.

The book structure:
This book including 7 books by the Late Akhund Khurasani which these 7corpus have been gathered in one corpus which are as follows:
1-the book of “Al-Waqf” (endowment),
2-the book of “Al-Rezä” (wet nurse),
3-the book of “three bloods” (Al-Demä Al-Saläse), Including: The blood of Menstruation, “Excessive Menstruation” (estehäze), “Nafäs” (the blood that comes out during child birth),
4-the book of “purity” (tahärat), (from the book of “Al-Me’ät Al-Monirat” fi Sharhe Takmelat Al-Tab Sarat),
5-the book of “Al-Salät” (prayer),
6-the numbers of different subjects which the writer had not the time to quite finish it. Including the treatise of “Separation Between Man and Woman”, “Justice”, “Mortgage and its Injunction”.

It should be mentioned that in the “Sharh Takmelat Al-Tabserat” The Akhund Khurasani has paid attention to the viewpoints of Islam famous scholar “Allame Helli” and perform his agreeing viewpoints and repealed the negative viewpoints.This comprehensive book by Allame is very useful. A series of Islamic jurisprudence subjects can be briefly found in it. Also the book of “Al-Lama’ät Al-Monire” is an outstanding argumentative writing which has been written on the brief text of Allame Helli’s “note” (tabsereh). Due to the many difficulties Akhund Khurasani could not finish it. The part of “Purity” (Tahärat ) up to the some extent from the subject of “Place” is about the Salät” (prayer) which has been classified in two sections. The finishing date of “Purity” part is 26.9.1911A.D. (1329.10.2A.H.) which has written it 5 month before his death.


The Drops from sciences’ sea and the beads from necklace (Qatarät Man Yaräh Bahr Al-Olum (Shazarät Man Aqdehä Al-Manzum) by Sheikh Mohammad Khazem Khorasani


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