New subjects on theology

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The present book is a work of Ayatollah Sobhani, concerning some of the new subjects considered in theology.


The author

Ayatollah Jafar   sobhani  Tabrizi ,contemporary Iranian scholar. Born in 1930,  in Tabriz into a religious family. He studied in Persian literature, the  books “  Nasaab al- sebyan” , Abwab al- Jenan “ (the  doors of paradise) , “ Mo jam History” in the presence of “ Mirza Mahmud Fazel”.  Then he continued  his studies  in “ Tableiyeh school”  in Tabriz he was trained into presence  of great scholars : Ayatollah  Ruhallah khomenini, sheikh Hasan Nahwi and Mirza Muhammad Ali Modems khiyabani  Ayatollah sobhani is the founder of “ the center of Islamic  theological studies” and also one of the great teachers in “ Qom seminary.

His works

1- Theological books and Mujam al- Mutakallemin
2- Mosoueh
3- The eternal  light
4- wahhabism. etc.


The book structure

The book is complied in volumes as follows:

The 1st volume: Including the following chapters:

1) The sect of separation of religion from intellect

2) The reasoning: necessity (Vojub) and possibility (Emkan) for evaluating western philosophers

3) The reasoning’s:  necessity and possibility for evaluating eastern philosophers

4) Arrangement (of the universe)

5) Arrangement criticized by western philosophers

6) Arrangement and possibilities

7) Arrangement and evils in Islamic philosophy

8) The opponents views on existence of evils

9) Responses of Christian theologians about evils

10) The demonstration of movement

11) The demonstration of formation (of the universe)

12) Inner human tendencies

13) Miracle

14) Miracle as a logical reason for truthfulness

15) Human free will and knowledge

16) Revelation

The 2nd volume: including the following sections:

1) Expiration of relation in Christian theology

2) Religion in Islamic philosophy and theology

3) The relation between religion and ethics

4) Religions pluralism

The 3rd volume:

1- Methodological hermeneutics

2- Different kinds of commentary of the Koran

3-philosophical hermeneutics

4- Human expectation of religion

5- Human need for religion

6- Freedom of speech

7- Freedom in Divine world view

8- The same definition of Freedom in different kinds of world view

9) Is Freedom at the service of human or it is human who is at the service of Freedom?

10- The role of intellect in recognition of religion

11- Necessity of intellect in recognition of religion


The book was published in 2003 in Qom-Iran.


New subjects on theology


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