Keys of the Paradise

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Keys of the paradise is the name of a prayer book which includes the prayers and the divine acts which should be done in each Arabic month, according to the Prophet and Imams which are collected by Sheikh Abbas Qomi.

The author
Sheikh Abbas Qomi, outstanding scholar and great traditionist (1877, Qom – 1935, Najaf). In 1894 went to Najaf – Iraq and studied jurisprudence and other sciences in the presence of prominent scholar, Ayatollah Seyyed Kazem#### Yazdi and aldo tradition under Mirza Hasan Nuri.
There are left over 60 works of him.

Structure of the book
In the first pages of the book there are some of the Koranic suras and all the short suras (chapters) which should be said in some of the praying.
This prayer book contains the following subjects:
1- On the rules and preliminaries of some prayers and verses
2- The divine acts in each day of the week
3- The fervent prayers
4- The famous prayer: The Good Morals, The Minor Armor, The Major Armor, Komeil, etc.
5- The prayers of pilgrimage
6- The acts of the Arabic, Roman and Persian months
7- The prayer for solving problems, etc.
8- The rules of Istekhare (seeking divine guidance for a decision that one is about to make; with the help of prayer beads or the Quran).


Keys of the Paradise


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