Tabari History

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This book is a general history from the beginning of the creation of the world up to 915. the origin name of the book is, “The history of nations, prophets and kings” but it is known as Tabari History, in Arabic, by Muhammad Ibn Jarir Tabari.

The author
Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Jarir Tabari, great Sunni Arab historian and commentator and traditionist (839 – 923) in Amul – Iran. It is said that he knew the Quran by heart at ####the age of 7. He was known as “Imam of historians” and “Father of traditionists”. He visited Rey, Baghdad, Basra, Kufa, Egypt and Syria. His main subjects werhistorym Muslim law, recitation, exegesis of the Quran, poetry, lexicography, grammar, ethics, mathematics and medicine.

Structure of the book
The book contains two sections: the world history and the Islamic history. The world history is organized in subject order, from the creation of Adam and Eva, then the beliefs of different religions and nations and also the beliefs and customs of Zoroastrians, the battles between Iranians and Muslims, on the four caliphs (Imam Ali, Abu Bakr, Umar and Othman), the caliphate of Umayyads and Abbasids up to 863. The Islamic history begins with the Holy Prophet’s life and the events up to 915. It was published in 1879 and 1910. The book translated into Persian by Abu Ali Bal’ami. It is also translated into English.


Mo’jam al-Udaba


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