The Explanation of Taeeyeh (name of poem by De’bel Khozaee)

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Taeeyeh is the name of an Arabic ode by celebrated Arab Poet, De’bel Khozaee. Allameh Majlisi translated the poem into Persian.

The author
Allameh Muhammad Baqer Majlisi was an authoritative jurist, a most prolific collector of traditions (Hadiths), and an unprecedentedly influential author of the Twelver Shia (1627 – 1698). Under the Safavid Shah Hossein I, he was practically the actual ruler of Iran. His father Muhammad#### Taqi Majlisi was a famous scholar as well. Allameh Majlisi studied under his father and other great masters: Mullah Muhammad Saleh Mazandarani, Mirza Rafu’ al-Din Tabatabaee, Mullah Hossein Ali Shushtari, Sheikh Abdullah Aameli, Mullah Mohsen Feyz Kashani and Seyyed Mirza Jazayeri.

Structure of the book
- The preface of the book is on the poet’s biography and his ancestry
- The first chapter on the documents related to the ode
- The first opening line of the poem includes 27 couplets and the second opening line of poem includes 124 couplets.


The Explanation of Taeeyeh (nameof a poem by De’bel Khozaee)


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