The Generalities of Science of Rejal

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This is one of the works of the prolific author, Ayatollah Sobhani, some of the general rules of this science are mentioned. Rejal is the name of an Islamic science which concerns the narrators of Prophetic traditions. It is written in Arabic.

The author
Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani was born in 1930 in Tabriz – Iran, into a religious and educated family. He studied in Tabriz Seminary called “Talebiyeh”. The following were his master:
####- Ayatollah Khomeini
- Sheikh Hasan Nahvi
- Mirza Muhammad Ali Modarres Khiyabani
- Allameh Tabatabaee

Ayatollah Sobhani is one of the masters in Islamic Dar al-Tabliq in Qom, also the founder of Islamic Kalam (Theological) Studies Center (Imam Sadeq Institution) and a significant master in Qom Seminary.

Structure of the book
It includes 8 chapters:
1- The principles of Rejal: description of Rejal, the subjects, etc.
2- The need for knowledge of Rejal: the reasons of the supporters and deniers of Rejal
3- The primary sources of Rejal: the eight principles of Rejal
4- The secondary sources of Rejal: the four principles of Rejal, the Rejali societies in the future
5- The Shia sects in Rejal books: Kisaniyeh, Zaydiyeh, Ismailiyeh, etc.

The book is also translated into Persian by “Ali Akbar Ruhi” and “Muslim Gholipoor”. It was published in 2001 in Qom –Iran.


The Generalities of Science of Rejal


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