Glosses Explication of Religious problems (Hashiye Tozih Al-Masäl)

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Ayatollah Khoei after studying and giving his views on treatise of “Explication of Religious problems” (Tozih Al-Masäel), wrote a glosses on it, with observance of glosses. In this book the author has related his subject in a table. At first he has related the problem, then its contents and then its glosses.

Author’s brief biography:
Great Ayatullah seyyed Abul qasem khoie was born at the night of 11,19,1899 A.D. (15.7.1317 A.H.) in Khoie township#### of Azarbaijan province, in a scientific and religious family. His noble father, the late “Ayatollah seyyed Ali Akbar Khoie”, was one of outstanding students of “Ayatollah Sheikh Abdullah Mamaghani”. Young seyyed Abulqasem, began to learn Arabic literature, logic and higher levels and about age of 21 he got merit to be present at the “Kharej lesson” [ Kharej lesson means specialized lesson] of greatest master “The Late Ayatollah Sheikh Al-Sharieh Isfahani” in Najaf theological school and learning his sciences and scientific information. Of course, except that great master, he had other masters in different fields and educational sections such as: Ayatollah Sheikh Ziyaeldin Araghi, Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Isfahan Company, Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Javad Balaghi, Seyyed Abulqasem Khansari, Seyyed Hussein Baadkubei, Haj seyyed Ali Ghazi, etc. During the sixty-seven years of instructing, a large number of scholars, have benefited from his classes, such as: Ayatollah Hajj Sheikh Sadra Baadkubei, Ayatollah martyr seyyed Mohammad Bagher Sadr, Ayatollah Hajj Sheikh Mojtaba Lankerani, Ayatollah Hajj seyyed Ali Sistani, Ayatollah Hajj seyyed Ali Beheshti and so on. The total of his published books are about 43 volumes such as: Takmelatul Menhaju Al-Saliheen, Montakhab Al-Rasael, Manasek Hajj (Hajj rituals), Mo’jam Rejaal Al-Hadith, Talkhis Al-Montakhab and so on. The late Ayatollah Khoie was a very preeminent and distinguished person in series of light and mercy of “jurisdiction”(feghähat) that tens of permanent and immortal works, have been remained of him. His interest in spreading of Islam in the world had been become a motivation that to make tens of important Islamic and propagandistic centers in different parts of world. Finally this great man, after a blessed lifetime, got a serious illness and passed away in one of Baghdad’s hospital in the afternoon of 1999,10,8 A.D.(1413,2,8 A.H.). He was buried in “Sharif” courtyard at the entry of “Alkhazra” mosque that was his instructing place.

The book structure:
Some titles of this book is as follows:
-the injunctions of imitation
-the injunctions of waters
-the injunctions of “evacuate” (bowel movement),
-“wudu” (ritual partial ablution),
-the injunctions of “Jenäbat” (sexual pollution or major (ritual) impurity),
-“excessive menstruation” (estehäze),
“nafäs” (means the blood that comes out during childbirth),
-touching the death’s “ghosl” (ritual full ablution),
-the injunctions of dead people
-the “recommended” (mostahab) “ghosl” (ritual full ablution),
-“Tayammum “ (ablution with earth or sand instead of water
-the injunctions of “prayer” (namäz),
-the injunctions of”Qibla” (prayer direction),
-the worshipper’s dress
-the worshipper’s place
-“adhan” (call to prayer) and “Iqäme” (the second call to prayer),
-the prayer’s obligations
-the passenger’s prayer
-the “Qadä” (compensatory) prayer
-the congregational prayer
-“prayer of signs of God”(namaz Äyät),
-hiring for prayer
-the injunctions of fasting
-the injunctions of “khums” (one fifth),
-the injunctions of “zakat” (alms),
-the injunctions of Hajj
-the injunctions of buying and selling
-the injunctions of “partnership” (sherkat),
-the injunctions of “peace” (sulh),
-the injunctions of hire(ejareh),
-the injunctions of “muzäre’e” (agricultural partnership for affairs of farming),
-the injunctions of “mosäqät” (agricultural partnership for affairs of orchards),
-the injunctions of “representative” (wakalat),
-the injunctions of “prohibition” (hajr),
-the injunctions of debt
-the injunctions of “hawäleh” ,
-the injunctions of mortgage
-the injunctions of to bail
-the injunctions of “kefälat” (bail),
-the injunctions of “trust” (wadiyeh),
-the injunctions of “lending” (ariyah),
-the injunctions of marriage
-the faults which by them can cancel the cataract
-some women which marriage with them is prohibited
-the injunctions of suckling
-the injunctions of divorce
-the injunctions of “misappropriation” (ghasb),
-the injunctions of property which the Man find it
-the injunctions of animals' slaughter and hunting
-the injunctions of “taking an oath” (nazr) and “covenant” (ahd),
-the injunctions of swearing
-the injunctions of endowment (waqf),
-the injunctions of will
-the injunctions of inheritance
-the serious injunctions which have been assigned for some sins
-the injunctions of “blood money” (diyya).


Glosses Explication of Religious problems (Hashiye Tozih Al-Masäl) by Abul Qäsem Khoei


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