Revealing of What Is Hidden

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Revealing of What Is Hidden (Ayzah al-Maknun), is one of the most prominent works on biography of the Islamic civilization, written in Arabic, by Ismail Pasha Baghdadi.

The author
Ismail Pasha Baghdadi, famous Ottoman biographer and biographer (1830 – 1895), in Baghdad – Iraq. There is not much information of his life. He was descended from Bābān (name of a Kurdish family), therefore he is also known as Bābāni or Bābānzadeh. He studied in a military ####school which was built by his ancestors in Baghdad and entered in Ottoman military with the officer rank. In 1875 was transferred to Istanbul. Besides serving as an officer, he also wrote his works.

The book structure
The book is arranged in alphabetical order.
1- Information on each work, such as: name of the book, name of the author, their birth and death dates, the place of writing the book, the book language, the place where the book is kept and the other works of authors
2- Introducing the works of Shia writers

It was published in 1954 in Turkey, and another publication was done in Baghdad.


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Kashf al-Zanun


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