The Degrees of Development

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The degrees of development (Basaer al-Darajaat) is the name of a theological book on Shias’ learnings; by Shia scholar, Abu Ja’far Muhammad Saffar Qomi. It is said that he lived in time of the 11th Shia Imam (Imam Hasan Askari)
All the subjects of the book are based on narrating the Prophetic traditions in 10 sections as follows:
1- The superiority of science and scientists
2- The Shia Imams are the source of knowledge and the#### keys of Paradise
3- The Imams inherit all the sciences
4- All the books of the Prophet and Imam Ali have been reached the other Imams
5- The Great Name of God and the knowledge of Koran is with the Holy Imams
6- The Imams are aware of what people are doing
7- What are the attributes of the traditionists (narrators of Prophetic Hadiths)
8- On the differences between the early prophets and the Imams and also the superiority of the Imams over all the early prophets
9- On the attributes of the Holy Prophet and Imams
10- Every one of the Imams knew his duty on giving the recommendations to the next Imam

It was published in 1842; Tehran.


Basaer al-Darajaat


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