The Eternal light

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The eternal light is one of the works of the Prolific Iranian author Ayatollah Sobhani.

It is the most comprehensive book about the Holy Prophets life composed based on the most historical Shiite reliable documents.


The author
Ayatollah Jafar   sobhani  Tabrizi ,contemporary Iranian scholar. Born in 1930,  in Tabriz into a religious family. He studied in Persian literature, the  books “  Nasaab al- sebyan” , Abwab al- Jenan “ (the  doors of paradise) , “ Mo jam History” in the presence of “ Mirza Mahmud Fazel”.  Then he continued  his studies  in “ Tableiyeh school”  in Tabriz he was trained into presence  of great scholars : Ayatollah  Ruhallah khomenini, sheikh Hasan Nahwi and Mirza Muhammad Ali Modems khiyabani  Ayatollah sobhani is the founder of “ the center of Islamic  theological studies” and also one of the great teachers in “ Qom seminary.

His works

1- Theological books and Mujam al- Mutakallemin
2- Mosoueh
3- The eternal  light
4- wahhabism. etc.


The book structure

The following are some of the subjects considered in the book:

1- The Arabian peninsula as the cradle of Islamic revolution

2- Arab people before Islam

3-the state of Iranian and Roman empires

4- The Prophets is ancestors

5- The Prophets is birth

6- The Prophets is child hood

7- The Prophets is youth

8-Acting as a shepherd and being a merchant

9- From his marriage to his Prophetic mission (Be'sat)

10- The first revelation

11- The general invitation

12- Quraysh's judgement about the Koran

13- The first emigration

14- The economic block ad

15- Abu Taleb's death (The Prophets paternal uncle)

16- Me raj (the Ascension) according to history, the Koran

 And Hadiths

17- Travelling to tae f

18- Aqaba convention

19- The history of the emigration (from Mecca to Medina)

20- Changing the kiblah

21- Conquering Mecca

22-Ahzab Battle

23- Badr Battle

24- The last haj of the Prophet

25- Idolatry in Arabic Peninsula

26- The Prophet’s mission, etc.

The eternal light was published in 1972 in Qom – Iran.


the eternal light


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