Life of Hearts

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Name of the book: Life of hearts (Hayat al-Qolub) is one of the most prominent works of Allameh Majlesi; in Persian; on the life, stories of the prophets, their miracles and superiorities.

The author
Allameh Muhammad Baqer Majlisi was an authoritative jurist, a most prolific collector of traditions (Hadiths), and an unprecedentedly influential author of the Twelver Shia (1627 – 1698). Under the Safavid Shah Hossein I, he was ####practically the actual ruler of Iran. His father Muhammad Taqi Majlisi was a famous scholar as well. Allameh Majlisi studied under his father and other great masters: Mullah Muhammad Saleh Mazandarani, Mirza Rafu’ al-Din Tabatabaee, Mullah Hossein Ali Shushtari, Sheikh Abdullah Aameli, Mullah Mohsen Feyz Kashani and Seyyed Mirza Jazayeri.

The book structure
The book is compiled in three volumes.
The first volume contains the following subjects:
1- Common features to all the prophets
2- On the superiorities and life story of Adam and Eva and their children
3- On the life stories of Enoch the prophet
4- On the life stories of Noah the Prophet
5- On the life stories of Hud and his group
6- On the life stories of Saleh and his group and his camel
7- On the life stories of Abraham and his children
8- On the life stories of Lot and his group
9- On the life stories of Zul Qarnayn
10- On the life stories of Jacob and Joseph
11- On the bizarre aspects of Jacob’s life story
12- On the life story of Jetro
13- On the life story of Moses and his brother, Aaron
14- On the life story of Ezkiel
15- On the life story of Ishmael who is called truthful in the Koran
16- On the life story of Elijah
17- On the Aesop’s words of wisdom
18- On the life story of Ishmuyel and Jalut and Talut
19- On the story of Sabbath (the Prophet definitely rejected the Jewish Sabbath commandment. In tradition the reproach of anthropomorphism, continually made against the Jews, is very frequently based on the alleged “rest of God”. The seventh day even acquired an unfavorable character)
20- On the life story of Solomon
21- On the life story of Saba Tribe
22- On the life story of Hanzaleh and Aras Group
23- On the life story of Sha’ya and Hiquq (the prophets)
24- On the life story of Mary (Jesus’ mother)
25- On the life story of Jesus
26- On the life story of Daniel and Ezra the prophets
27- On the life story of Jonah
28- On the story of Companions of the Cave (the Seven Sleepers)
29- Okhdud Companions and Zoroaster
30- On the life story George the prophet
31- Khaledin the prophet
32- On the life of the prophets whose great names have not been mentioned, etc.

The second volume:
1- On the birth and death dates of the Holy Prophet, Muhammad, his battles, miracle and his companions
2- On the good news given by the early prophets on the Prophet’s birth
3- On his birth date and the miracles which occurred in time of his birth
4- On his characteristics
5- On his chastity
6- On his great knowledge
7- On the miracle of the Koran
8- On his miracles related to animals
9- On his miracles related to the sky
10- On his ascension to heaven
11- On Khandaq Battle
12- On Badr Battle
13- On Ohod Battle
14- On Bani Qarizeh
15- On emigration to Abyssinia
16- On Hamra la-Asad Battle
17- On conquering Kheybar
18- On Honayn Battle
19- On the last hajj of the Prophet
20- On Tabuk Battle
21- On his wives
22- On his children
23- On Omm-e Salameh (the Prophet’s wife)
24- On some of his companions, etc.

The third volume:
1- On necessity of the existence of Imam in each period
2- On Imams’ chastity
3- On the necessity of obeying Imams
4- The Imams are the houses of knowledge
5- On exegesis of the Koranic verses related to Imams
6- On Thaqalayn Hadith
7- Human can cot be guided except by Imams, etc.


Life of Hearts


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