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“Organon” is the name of Aristotle's works on logic. The name Or ga nan musical instrument, given by Aristotle's students to his logical works. It seems
the name later given to his works in order to show logic is from philosophy, and it is only an instrument (organon) for philosophical researches.
“Organon”   includes six treatises as following:
1- Categories:
It includes 10-fold classifications of Aristotle on logic: substance, quantity, quality, relation, place, time, situation, condition, action, passion

2-prior Analytics:

In this treatise, Aristotle introduces his syllogistic method

3-Posterior Analytics:
In this treatise, he deeds with demonstration, definition and scientific knowledge.

4-On interpretation:
It contains Aristotle's principal contribution to philosophy of language.

5-Sophistical Refutations:
It gives a treatment of logical fallacies

6- Topics:
It contains valid arguments
Some of the students of Aristotle later added two treatises to this collection: 1- rhetoric 2-poetic.



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