Miracle Is a Reason For Prophecy

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The relation between miracle and the prophets’ veracity, is one of the most important subjects of miracles.
The prophets always invite people (to God) by giving intellectual proofs. They have reason for whatever they say. When the Prophet (Muhammad) says that there is no doubt about God, he cites the reason for this claim: “Is there any doubt about God? The Originator of Heaven and Earth?” [Abraham/ 10].
Heaven and Earth and all in which exist, are moving and alive. Undoubtedly there should be a creator to create and organize them.
The Prophet claims that God is unique: “Is there any (other) deity alongside God?” [The Ants/ 60], then gives the reason as: “If were other gods in either Heaven and Earth, besides God (Alone), they would be both dissolve in chaos” [Prophets/ 22]

The prophets’ claim and invitation (to God)
Prophets’ claim is that, they have connection with the Unseen, and the angels are revealed to them to give them God’s message. Invitation means accepting the divine learning, on the Origin, Resurrection and the divine commandments brought by prophets.

First the prophets’ prophecy should be proved, in order to understand their invitation. Miracle does no prove he invitation, but it proves the prophecy.
When a prophet claims that he is God’s messenger and has a connection with the Unseen; he ought to do an extraordinary task to prove his claim.
Therefore miracle indicates that prophets’ invitation is right and also it proves prophecy.


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