Miracle Is Invincible

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It is confirmed by the intellect that everything in the world is defeated.
According to Imam Ali, among the creatures there are ten which are the strongest:
The mighty mountains which are defeated by iron, iron itself is destroyed by fire, fire is extinguished by water, water is carried by the clouds, clouds are compressed by the wind, wind itself is defeated by human, human will be prevailed by drunkenness, drunkenness is defeated by sleeping and sleeping is defeated by grief. So grief is the strongest creature.

But miracle is invincible and there is nothing in the world to be able to defeat it, because it is reliant upon an invincible origin, which is the Almighty.

“There is nothing whose stores are not [controlled] by Us, and We send it down only according to a fixed quantity” [Stone Land (Hejr)/21].
“He (prophet) holds the keys to the Unseen” [Live Stoke (An’aam)/ 59].
Prophet is a perfect man who is allowed to hold the reins of power in the world.
“I shall prevail both Myself and My messengers” [Pleading Woman (Mojadeleh)/ 21]
“Our word has already gone on ahead to Our servants who were sent forth” [Drawn Up In Ranks (Saffat)/ 171]
“They will indeed be supported” [Drawn Up In Ranks (Saffat)/ 172]
“Our army will be victorious over them” [Drawn Up In Ranks (Saffat)/ 173].


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