Miracle Is a Rule of a Law Over the Other

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According to Allameh Tabatabaee’s view, no miracle is out of the real rule of the nature (but it is not the rule which is known by human, may it is the same rule of the nature and may it is not). But using this law needs being associated with a supernatural and occult power. There is difference between breaking a law and rule of a law over the other.
For example when you flout a law, you act against it, it means that you do not obey the law.
But when commit an offence, you do not break the law, but you use another law article.

Our body is composed of a series of rules, besides these physical rules, there are natural and physical rules as well.
The psychotic changes affect the body ,as well as the effect of medicine on the mental aspect of body.

The one who performs miracle, has a link with the spirit of the world, and in this manner he takes possession of laws in the world. But it dose not mean that he breaks the law, but he authorized the law.
In this against the regular rule but it is not against the law itself.


Prophecy (by Motahhari)


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