Ashairites’ View on Miracle and Its Criticism

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According to Ashairites (followers of the school of orthodox theology formed by Ash’ari), there is no difference between miracle and non-miracle.
They believe that a prophet’s miracle is a sign form God, given to prophet to prove his prophecy; when a prophet makes the dead, alive, it is not done by the prophet himself, but by God. Whatever exists in the world is miracle and a sign from God and all happenings in the world are miracles.

It is God’s will to organize the system of creation in this manner. There is a current regular in the world: day comes after night and night after day, there is no stop.
All the rules in world created by God and we are obliged to obey these rules.
The rules will change only by God’s will, therefore miracle is against the world’s rules.

Criticism of Ashairites’ view on natural rules, miracle and divine power
Against Ashairites’ viewpoint, the natural rules are not conventional; it is God’s will to establish the rules in this way. They interpret these rules as divine habit: there is God’s habit in the world which creates the effect after the efficacious but it is not really the efficacious of the effect; it is our imagination that leads us to consider a phenomena as the effect and the other as the efficacious. There are no effects and efficacious at all. We just imagine that there is a link between the effect and efficacious, but it is not so.


Prophecy (by. Motahhari)


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