The Need For Miracle, Even in The Period of Human Intellectual Maturity

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The view which expresses that human does not need miracle, is wrong. Because the term “Miracle” is not applied in the Koran; it is interpreted as “Token” which means “Sign”, sign of revelation. It means that the contents of the Koran are not said by the Prophet but said by God.

When the Prophet logically talks about scientific subjects, it is possible to be proved. In this case, Prophet is a great scientist or philosopher but there is a difference between philosopher and prophet. Philosophers and scientists talk as the same level of people’s understanding, but prophets talk beyond this, although their talks are intellectual and logical, but they want to express that these are not said by themselves and revealed from God and prophets are supposed to tell them to people:

“I am only a human being like yourselves; but it is revealed to me” [The Cave (Kahf)/ 110].
“The Faithful Spirit has brought it down or your heart, so you may be a warner” [Poets (Sho’ara)/ 193 – 194].

The Prophet says: ”I talk in front of you, but my soul is connected to a divine sourc