Relation of Miracle With Causality And Divine Tradition

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Miracle van not happen without cause. Miracle is, doing an extraordinary act, not breaking the causality.
There are causes in every miracle which are known only by the person who performs it. “cause and effect” is one of the principles and necessities accepted by the intellect and revelation.
According to the Koran all creatures in the world need a cause; the Cause is God and all are created by Him:
He said: “Our Lord is the One Who has given everything its own constitution; then guided it. [Taha. 50]

According to the Koran, there is a perfect discipline over life and death, guide and ruin of nations:
Every nation has its term; so whenever their deadline comes. They will not postpone it for an hour, nor will they advance it.

Relationship between divine tradition and miracle
Miracle does not break the divine tradition. There are not exceptions in the rule of Creation, changes in the world are the effects of the conditions’ change.
It is clear that every tradition happens in a particular condition, when the condition changes, another tradition will happen.

According to materialists the real and unique rules in the world are those which have been discovered by science. They believe that miracles flout the rules.
This idea is wrong, because there is a rule in every miracle; the rule which is connected to a Divine Power.


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