Misgiving About Lack of Difference Between the Koran and Other Books From the Verbal and Eloquent Aspects

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According to transmitted sciences, some express misgiving about the verbal and eloquent miracle of the Koran: aesthetic eloquence and words of the Koran dose not only belong to this Holy Book and can be found in non-divine books as well. As a result it is not privilege and the challenge in the Koran is useless.

The logical elements of the Koran:
1- Muslims believe that the Koran is miracle with regard to the eloquence and words.
2- Whereas this feature can be found in non-divine books as well.
3- Therefore the Koran is not miracle from the verbal and eloquent aspect.

The answer of misgiving:
The Holy Koran as the last Holy Book which was revealed to the Prophet, is the only Divine Book which presents challenge, because its eternity as the most important feature of the Koran is known as the Prophet’s miracle.
Other miracles were passing (they were not fixed), belonged to a specific period of time (curing the blind and making the dead alive by Jesus) and could not be seen by the later generations, but the Koran is an eternal Divine miracle which can not be declined.

The miraculous aspect of the Koran
1- Eloquence: “the number of repetitions and listening to the Koran never makes it old”, said Imam Ali (The Peak of Eloquence, sermon 156)

2- Expressing the divine learning: there is no exaggeration in the Koranic learning and all are based on the intellect and human nature: monotheism, on the knowledge of resurrection, on the knowledge of revelation, etc.

3- Expressing history: emphasizing the training parts of histories, lack of redundancies and contradictions, separating the fables from true stories
The reason why expressing history is a miraculous sign is that, separating the true stories from the fables was done by an illiterate person (the Prophet). Some of the stories in the Koran:
- The way of creating human: So when your Lord told the angels: “I am placing an overlord on earth”, they said: “Will you place someone there who will corrupt it and shed blood, while we hymn Your praise and sanctify You?” He said: “I know something you do not know.” [The Caw/ Baqareh. 30]
- Visiting the angels with Abraham: our messengers came to Abraham with good news. They said: “Peace!” he said: “Peace!” and immediately set about bringing in a roast calf. [Hud. 69]
- The source of differences between languages: among His signs are the creation of Heaven and Earth, as well as the diversity in your tongues and colours. In that are signs for those who know. [The Romans. 22], etc.

4- creating the rules:
- comprehensiveness of rules: believers merely from a brotherhood, so reconcile your brethren and heed God so that you may find mercy.
- social relationships: you who believe, fulfil any contracts [you may make]. Any animals from livestock are permitted you except for what has already been listed for you. What is not permitted you is game while you are in pilgrim dress. God judges anything He wishes. [The Table/ Maedeh. 1]
- defensive problems:
Prepare any [military] strength you can muster against them, and any cavalry posts with which you can overawe God’s enemy and your own enemy as well, plus others besides them whom you do not know. God however knows them! Anything you spend for God’s sake will be repaid you, and you will not be harmed. [Booty/ Anfal. 60]
- respecting human rights:
On account of that, We prescribed with the Children of Israel that anyone who kills any person without another soul being involved or for causing mischief in the land, acts as if he had killed all mankind. Anyone who spares life acts as if he had granted life to all mankind. Our messengers have brought them explanations; then later on many of them committed excesses on earth. [The Table/ Maedeh. 32], etc.

5- Lack of contradiction in the Koranic verses:
- Have they not meditated on the Reading? If it had come from some other source than God, they would have found a great deal of contradiction in it. [Women/ Nesa. 82]

6- Modern sciences, scientific discoveries and earth’s movement:
- [He is] the One Who has made the earth a carpet for you and had the sky built above you, and sent water to pour down from the sky and brought forth fruit by means of it as sustenance for you. Do not set up rivals for God while you know. [The Caw/ Baqareh. 22]
- [since he is the one] Who has led out the earth as a carpet for you and has traced highways on it for you, and sent down water from the sky. We have brought forth every sort of plant with it, of various types. [Taha. 53]
- Yet you have been proffered the Koran by Someone Who is Wise Aware. [The Ants/ Naml. 6]
- Have We not laid the earth out as a cradle. [The Announcement/ Naba’. 6]

7- The way of developing foetus:
We created man from extract of clay; then We placed him as a drop of semen in a secure resting-place. Then We turned the semen into a clot; next We turn the clot into tissue; and then We turned the tissue into bones and clothed the bones with flesh. Then We reproduced him as a fresh creation. Blessed be God, the Best of Creators. [Believers. 12- 14] and some thousands of verses.

The meaning of challenge in the Koran:
Some of the challenge verses in the Koran:
- We have set forth every kind of parable for mankind in this Reading; yet most men refuse to do anything except disbelieve. [The Night Journey. 88]
- Or do they say: “He has made it up!” Say: “Produce a chapter like it and appeal to anyone you can manage to besides God if you are so truthful.” [Jonah. 38]

Special challenge:
- on the Koran’s bearer
- on the eloquence
- on the lack of contradiction
- on the invisible news


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