Interpretation Theory on Miracle (and its criticism)

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Some accept miracle but interpret it, this is in fact a kind of denying miracle, a respectful denying!
The one who denies, does not deny Islam but thinks in this manner.

The Koranic miraculous verses are not interpretable

The followers of interpretation theory, reasoned two Koranic verses:
1) The verses on divine traditions
2) The verses in which the Prophet say: “I am only a human being like yourselves” [The Cave/ Kahf. 110]

The Prophet says: I am a human being like you, just there is a difference: these I tell you are revealed to me means I have a revelation but you do not.
Whatever you have, I have as well. You eat, I eat too. You walk, I walk too. You sleep, I also sleep. You can not do extraordinary acts and neither can I.

According to those who deny miracle, prophets can not do miracle, because based on the Koranic verse which has been already mentioned. Prophet is a human being like ourselves; so he can not do miracle like us!

According to the interpretation of these Koranic verses, prophets were supposed to perform miracle to make people understand the truth and believe in their prophecy.
Some asked the Prophet to create more miracles (although he has performed enough miracles). They were not going to find the truth, just invented pretext.
All prophets’ miracles were done by God’s permission.
It is a sign of God and prophets never do against Divine Tradition, unless it is necessary; in this case if they do not so, people will be lost.


prophecy (by Mutahhari)


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