Fatima's Trousseaus

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Fatima's Trousseaus

Imam Ali was supposed to sell his armour and buy Fatima's trousseaus. He sold his armour and gave the money to the Prophet; neither the Prophet asked about the amount of money nor the Imam said nothing.
The Prophet gave some of the money to "Belal" (his companion) and told him to buy perfume for Fatima (p.b.u.h).
"Ammar Yaser" and some other companions also were told to buy anything which was needed for Fatima's house.

One month passed since Ali and Fatima had got engaged, Ali was extremely eager to wed Fatima but he was shy to declare it. Therefore he told the women who knew the Prophet to inform him. Women said to the Prophet that Ali intended to wed Fatima. The Prophet asked them: "why Ali himself did not tell me about his demand?"
Ali said: "O God's messenger! I am really shy to tell you about our marriage". Then the Prophet asked: "Is there any woman here?"
"Umm Salameh" answered: "Yes, me and "Zeinab" (Prophet's daughter) and some other women, we are here".
The Prophet ordered them to prepare a room for Fatima and Ali for their wedding night.
Then the women made up Fatima.
The Prophet then said to Imam Ali: "O Ali! We, as bride's family prepare meat and bread and you buy oil and dates for the banquet and you can invite anyone you wish."
Ali went to the mosque and invited all people to the banquet.


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