Marriage of Imam Ali and Fatima (

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Marriage of Imam Ali and Fatima (

There are different traditions on the date of Imam Ali and Fatima's marriage.
The reason of the difference of opinion is because of is because of the meaning of marriage in some traditions, marriage refers to engagement and in some other traditions, it refers to sexual intercourse.
The traditions in which marriage refers to engagement
1- In the book "Mesbaah", it is narrated by "Sheikh Tusi": "the first day of Zi Hajja (the 12th Islamic month) was Abraham's birthday; on that day Imam Ali and Fatima married.
2- According to "Yaqubi History", Fatima and Imam Ali married two months after Hijra.
3- In the book "Rowzat al-Kafi" (by Koleini), it is narrated by "Saeed Ibn Mosayyeb": "I asked Imam Sajjad (the fourth Imam) when did Imam Ali Fatima marry"? He answered: "they married one year after Hijra, Fatima was 9 years old.
4- According to "Tabari History", it is narrated by Imam Muhammad Baqer (the fifth Imam): "Fatima and Imam Ali married in the last days of Safar (the 2nd Islamic month)"
5- "Mas'oudi History": Imam Ali and Fatima married in Safar (the 2nd Islamic month), two years after Hijra.
There are many similar traditions.

The traditions in which marriage refers to sexual intercourse
1- According to "Tabari History", it is narrated by Imam Muhammad Baqer: "Imam Ali and Fatima had sexual intercourse in "Zi Hjja, exactly 22 months after Hijra.
2- The same tradition is narrated by Imam Sadeq in the book "Zorriyat al-Taherah" (by Dulabi)
3- Allameh Majlesi also mentions the similar tradition in "Behar al-Anwar"

Considering the different traditions, we reach the conclusion that Imam Ali and Fatima's engagement was in the 1st or the end of the 2nd year of Hijra and their wedding was at the end of the 2nd year of Hijra.

How Imam Ali proposed to Fatima?
Allameh Majlesi narrated from the book "Amaali" (by Sheikh Saduq) which is said by Imam Ali: "Abu Bakr and Umar came to me and recommended me to propose to Fatima, then I went to the Prophet's house, when the Prophet saw me and he smiled at me and said: "what do you want"? I answered: "O God's messenger! I am your cousin, I have already helped you and I have done Jihad for God's sake" the prophet told me: "yes Ali you are right, you have a high position".
Then I told the Prophet: "would you let your daughter marry me?" the Prophet answered: "before you, Abu Bakr and Umar and some others proposed to Fatima but she rejected them all. I will ask her opinion and I will let you know."

Then the Prophet asked Fatima: "my dear daughter, you know my cousin, Ali well. I wish you marry the best man. Ali is going to propose to you, will you marry him?"
Fatima bent her head and said nothing. The Prophet looked at Fatima's face and understood his daughter was perfectly satisfied.
Then Gabriel descended and said to the Prophet to let Fatima to marry Ali. He told the Prophet that God likes Ali to marry Fatima and Fatima marry Ali as well.
Then I (Imam Ali) went to the Prophet's house and sat down next to him, then the Prophet prayed: "O God! Imam Ali and Fatima are the dearest to me. I ask you to bless them. I ask you to give them refuge from Satan."

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