The advantages of Islamic theosophy over non-religious schools of theosophy

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The advantages of Islamic theosophy over non-religious schools of theosophy

1- The principal aim
For distinguishing the best school of theosophy, we should concern whether the purpose of this school is to lead human towards God or not. If the purpose of a school is not God, it will not lead us towards God. Most of non-religious theosophies and also some of the religious ones like: Buddhism do not guide human towards God; generally in Buddhism there is no belief in God.

2- The theoretical principles
Essential theoretical principles of a theosophical school are: the principles of piety, anthropology and cosmology. However a theosophical school has the most comprehensive and profound knowledge of monotheism and God's attributes, absolutely it can guide human more perfectly.
Manichaean and Buddhism are the schools in which there is polytheism. Christianity also is one of the religions which has changed greatly. In this religion there is a belief in the Holy Trinity.

3- The practical method
Most of theosophical and Sufi schools are going to extremes and it causes them great problems as follows:
1- Excessive introversion in some of theosophical schools cause to ignore the role of human in politics and social responsibilities. In Islam, theosophy without human responsibilities is the same is the same theosophy without religion and God.
2- Rigorous asceticism and suppressing the soul are great problems of Manichaean, Indian and Greek theosophical schools. In philosophy of these schools, marriage and sexual pleasure are inconsistent with spiritual life.
3- Escaping from religion: some of theosophical schools, in spite of their dependence on religion, in practice they do not follow religion.

The advantages of Islamic theosophy
1- A precise and comprehensive aim which could lead us human towards the Almighty
2- Based upon firm and logical theoretical principles
3- Comprehensive method
4- Divine origin and religion
5- Having a hopeful outlook

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