Theory of temperament on the origin of religion

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Theory of temperament on the origin of religion

Temperament means creation and the beginning. Temperament indicates a particular type of creation which belongs only to human. Humans have particular characteristics which are only created in their essence; these particular characteristics are called temperament.

Difference between temperament and instinct
Nature: it is only applied for the inanimate, in the case of having common aspects between animate and inanimate. It is also applied for the animate.
Instinct: it is mostly applied for animals. They have inner characteristics which guide them in their life.
Temperament: this term is applied for human and is created in human being's nature. It is more conscious than instinct. Human are aware of the existence of temperament in their essence, but the inanimate and animals do not know the nature and instinct in their essence, they do their acts only by their instincts without knowing its origin.

Different sorts of human temperaments
1- Perceptive temperaments
The perceptive temperaments are the knowledge which is created in human's nature and human does not any reasoning to comprehend them.
There are two kinds of perceptive temperaments: certificated temperaments which are the certificated concepts and conceptive temperaments which include the conceptive concepts.
2- Sentimental temperaments
It refers to the natural and inner tendencies in human being. Sentimental temperaments are divided into 4 categories:
1- Tendency towards creativity
2- Tendency towards truth
3- Tendency towards beauty
4- Tendency towards love and adoration
Tendency towards religion, worship and God, inhuman being, is innate. The teachings of religion are according to human innate tendencies.
Human has a great tendency towards eternity; they expect another life after their death.
The reason of creation of religion is the same reason of creating the world and human. As human as a divine creature descended the earth, the religion also as a divine fact descended human.

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