The aims of Islamic theosophy

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The aims of Islamic theosophy

Theosophy means knowledge of God by His Names and Attributes, the beginning and resurrection, the realities of the universe and the way of returning to God as the Unique Truth and self-enlightenment.

The purpose of theosophy is to reach to God. In each religion, believers do not worship God for Paradise or being afraid of Him, but they love and adore Him. This is innate in human.
The purpose of theosophy is to make human close to God and have a direct relationship with Him; it refers to intuition. Theosophy is a kind of profound knowledge which is totally different from outward knowledge.
All theosophical schools around the world consider an inward knowledge with inward intuition.
Divine religion is the best way of reaching the truth and true theosophy, theosophy is the only path which can lead us towards knowledge and God.

The purpose of Islamic theosophy is completely different from other theosophies; its purpose is to reach the pure knowledge but in other theosophies such as: Indian and Chinese theosophies, the purpose is to reach the pure vacuum, they do not consider any knowledge.
All theosophies confirm that for reaching God and salvation, human should leave their daily routine life, but the subject which differs in theosophies, is the way of leaving human life and reaching salvation.

There is a particular spirituality in theosophy which is essentially needed in the modern world, this is the reason why humans a great tendency towards theosophy, they missed spirituality and theosophy presents them the spirituality.

When a theosophist determines to create a creature, it will be created, but ordinary people are able to do so, because theosophists are God's caliphs, as God determines to create a creature, it will happen instantly.
This talent exists in all human's nature but it has not been activated; when they achieve spirituality, then it will be activated.

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