The viewpoints on the aims of prophets' prophetic mission

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The viewpoints on the aims of prophets' prophetic mission

The most important problem in prophets' mission is the aim of their mission. What is the final purpose of sending the messengers and descending the divine books?
There is no doubt that the main aim is to guide human, to make them blissful, to save them and to help them gain a happy life.
But the question is that, what is the final purpose of this straight road? (The religion and lifestyle which are shown by prophets)

In the Holy Koran the two main aims which are the most important are mentioned along with all the prophets' aims. All the teachings of the prophets are the preamble of these two aims:
1- Knowing God and becoming closer to Him
2- Serving justice in society
O Prophet, We have sent you as a witness, herald and warner (33/45)
And as someone who invites people to God by His permission and as shining lamp (33/46)
We have sent down Our messengers with explanations and sent the Book and the Balance down along with them, so that the mankind may conduct themselves with all fairness (57/25)

Having a good knowledge of God, means tom invite people to theoretical and practical personal monotheism; and serving justice in society refers to establishing the practical social monotheism.

Now the question which needs to be discussed is: which one is the main aim? Here there are some views:
1- All prophets had two independent purposes; one is related to human's bliss and life in the other world (the theoretical and practical personal monotheism) and the other related to their bliss and life in this world (social monotheism)
2- The main purpose is the social monotheism both theoretical and practical monotheism are the necessary preambles for the social monotheism. First we are supposed to try knowing God (theoretical monotheism) then we are able to able to achieve the social. Neither God need our knowledge towards Him nor it is necessary for mankind to know Him; but human's perfection is the social monotheism and for achieving the perfection, first of all the theoretical and practical personal monotheism should be obtained.
3- The purpose is to know God and become closer to Him and the social monotheism is the preamble of this great purpose.
4- Human's perfection is to move towards God, therefore the first viewpoint is a polytheistic view as well as the view which claims that the prophets' final is only the life in this world, it is based on materialism.

Although the moral and social values are the means of achieving the unique and great value "piety", they do not lack their natural value.

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