The Importance of Thought in the Creation from the Viewpoint of the Koran

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The Importance of Thought in the Creation from the Viewpoint of the Koran

The nature and the natural phenomena as the signs of divine knowledge are the basic principles mentioned in the Koran.
The Koran invites people to research into the nature, because it is one of the ways of knowing God.
“On earth, there are signs for the convinced and even within yourselves; do not notice them?” [ the Holy Koran, Winnowing (Zariyaat) / 20, 21].

There is a difference between thinking and reminding; thinking refers to a situation in which there is a subject which is totally unfamiliar to people, therefore it is taught.
There are many Koranic verses in which thinking is mentioned.
Reminding refers to the subjects which people understand them automatically by their human nature but these subjects should be reminded. Some of the verses in the Koran have reminding aspect:
“We have placed various means of livelihood on it (earth) for you as well as any one you do not have to provide for” [Stone Land (Hejr) / 20]
“Yet you may have a residence on earth and enjoyment for a while” [The Heights (A’raaf) / 24]

All people are the children of the earth and all on it belongs to everyone. All parts of the world are related to each other and it is not created accidentally.
The Creation and all its parts have been arranged by an astute creator (God).

Presenting the path of monotheism is one of the extraordinary aspects of the Koran. The Koran invites people to analyze each sign (creature) in the world.
According to the Koran each creature is like a mirror in which people are able to know God.
“We will show them Our signs on the horizons as well as within themselves, until it becomes clear to them that it is the Truth” [Spelled Out (Fosselat) / 53]
In addition to observing the Creation, there are also another ways of knowing God:
“Dose your Lord not suffice as a Witness for everything?” [Spelled Out / 53]
“Still they remain in a quandary about meeting their Lord! Yet He is the One Who embrace everything! [Spelled Out / 54].
The Koran’s purpose is to show us that there is One who manages everything in the universe, the One who has created the Creation and He is the Creator and the Absolute Perfection (Kamal-e Motlaq). “He sets the Supreme Example” [The Romans (Rome) / 27]

The Koran never suggests knowing God’s unity by researching into the system of Creation, it only shows that the world has a divine creator who has arranged everything accurately.
“Will they not meditate on the Koran, or do they have locks on their hearts? [ Muhammad / 24]
“We have sent down a Book to you that is blessed, so prudent men may ponder over its verses [Saad / 29].

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