The role of women in Islam

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The role of women in Islam

Islam attaches great significance and value to woman; according to the Noble Koran, woman is "Plenty":
"We have given you plenty" (108/1)
Whilst in the past woman was known as evil and also the factor of sin.
"Plenty" means: great goodness.
Woman has taken on significant role in establishing the history of Islam.
When the Prophet proselytized his religion, the first people who embraced to Islam were "Ali" and "Khadija" (great woman who then became the Prophet's wife). Khadija had enormous dignity; in the years after "hijra" (the Prophet's emigration from Mecca to Medina) she was the only person who strongly encouraged the Prophet. The Prophet deeply loved Khadija and many years after her death he cried a lot over her.

In Islam men and women both take roles. The Prophet had both men and women companions and women narrated the Prophet's traditions, there are many Hadiths narrated by the Prophet.

There is a book called "Women's Sermons" (Balaaqaat al-Nesa) by "Baqdadi"; it includes the great sermons delivered by women in Islam: the sermons of "Zeinab" (Imam Ali's daughter) in the mosque of Yazid and also in the presence of "Ibn Ziyad", and also Fatima's sermons in the first years of Abu Bakr's caliphate.

The epic of Hossein (p.b.u.h)

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