The evil and the good are not separable in the world

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The evil and the good are not separable in the world

The world is a material world, the world of motion, the world of change, the world of relations (relations between the causes). All these features are absolutely necessary for the essence of this world not the essence of the Creation.
There could be a world in which there is no motion at all (it has been fully created), there is light and no darkness. There are such worlds in the Creation.

Theologians believe in such worlds, whether before this world or after this world.
The Creation descends grade by grade (cause and effect); in the last grade the existence is as much weak that is mixed with non-existence. This world in which we live, is the last descent of light of existence but it is the world of perfection.

The existence in this world tries to eliminate the non-existence, then it turns to the first grade, to the first existence:
"We belong to God and are returning to Him" (2/156)

Managing the world by a general rule

The world is managed by a general rule not a partial rule, means our life follows a general rule in this world, which according to the Koran refers to "Sunnah" (Tradition).

The evil and the good both should exist in the world; they are complementary, we can not separate them.
Every evil is not naturally bad, the evil are nit essentially bad, the reason why we call them bad, is to annihilate other elements in the world, therefore it is evil and bad.
It means the evil in their own essence are all good but when they cause harm then they will not be good any more and their evil aspect will be prevailing.

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