Why the western philosophy can not explain the relation between compulsory, will and divine fate and destiny?

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Why the western philosophy can not explain the relation between compulsory, will and divine fate and destiny?

Does divine fate and destiny have a general aspect and include all the creatures or not? If it is general, what would happen to human will? Are there both the general divine fate and human free will together?

According to the Koran, there is no contradiction between divine fate and destiny and human free will.

"Because I believe in freedom, I can not believe in God; if I accept God, I will have to accept the Divine fate and destiny and if I accept the divine fate and destiny, I can not accept human freedom, and because I do want to accept freedom and I am greatly interested and believe in freedom, so I do not believe in God!" said Jean Paul Sartre (famous French writer and thinker; 1905-1980.

According to Islam, believing in God equals human freedom and will:

Has a period in this age not come over every man when he was nothing worth mentioning?
We have created man from a drop of semen forming cells so We might test him; thus We made him alert, observant.
We have guided him along the right path, whether he is thankful or thankless. (76/1-3)

For anyone who wants the feeling present, We let whatever We wish to flit past anyone We want it to. Then We set up Hell for him; he will roast in it, condemned, disgraced.
Anyone who wants the Hereafter and makes a proper effort top achieve it while he is a believer, will have their effort gratified.
Each We shall supply, these as well as those with a gift from your Lord: your Lord's gift will never be withheld. (17. 18-20)

Divine fate and destiny refers to existing rules in the universe. There is a rule all over the world created by God and all the creatures have been created based on the rules governing the world. Every event occurs with a specific reason, nothing happens without a cause or reason, like human acts which are done by their own will.

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