The relation between causality and fate and destiny

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The relation between causality and fate and destiny

Generally there are three views on the events in the world:

1- the events have no relation with the past, each event which happens in any time, is not related to the events which are precedent over them; neither the principle of its existence is reliant upon the events in the past nor the temporal and local features are related to the past.
According to this view, causality has no sense in the world and everything happens accidentally with no relation with the principle of causality.

2- considering a cause for every event but denying the system of cause and effect (each cause necessitates a specific effect and each effect is created by a specific cause) and considering one cause (God's essence) in the whole of the world and all the events and creatures are created and produced by Him. It means God is the only cause and reason for every event in the world and there is no more cause except Him!
This view refers to fatalism and compulsory fate, according to this view human has no free will and everything has been determined for them by God's will. As a result this viewpoint is totally wrong.

3- the principle of general causality govern the events in the world, and events happen by a particular cause. There is a strong connection between the past, present and future of each event with its cause.
Therefore the fate of each creature is determined by its cause. The cause of each event (effect) creates its features and each cause could be the effect of another cause.

The relation between compulsory and fate and destiny

Believing in Divine fate and destiny does not necessitate compulsory, when human's will is not considered, it would require compulsory; in this case, God is the only cause for all the effects in the world; all the effects are directly produced by Him.

The relation between free will and causality

If we consider fate and destiny as the direct cause of any event in the world (without mentioning other causes), human's will, will have no sense.
Always there is a connection between human's will and causality; if there was no relation between human's will and the cause over it, human would have no choice!

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